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Passengers left on the island: What to do if your cruise ship leaves without you

Passengers left on the island: What to do if your cruise ship leaves without you

Eight cruise passengers' dream vacation turned into a nightmare last week after the ship left without them: Here's what to do if your ship leaves you overseas, and how to prevent that from happening when you arrive.

“It's one of those situations that isn't a problem…until it becomes a problem,” US travel agent Joanna Kosar immediately commented to USA Today on Tuesday.

Since last Wednesday, eight passengers from a Norwegian cruise ship have reportedly been doing everything in their power to try to catch their ship on the west coast of Africa, after they were abandoned on the island of Sao Tome and Principe following a stopover. .

A real bureaucratic glitch required the eight passengers to travel through several countries to try to reach the boat in the port of Senegal on Tuesday, including applying for their visas, organizing transportation and temporary accommodation.

But according to the owner of a New York-based cruise consulting agency, the first thing to do if your ship leaves port without you is to contact the company immediately to inform them of the situation, as do the passengers.

“Our team has worked closely with local authorities to understand the requirements and visas necessary for guests to join the ship at the next available port of call,” Norwegian Cruise Line said in a statement.

Joanna Kosar added that for those who booked their cruise through a travel agency, it would also be helpful to contact them for assistance in managing logistics, such as booking emergency accommodation or new excursions.

It is also possible to contact the nearest Canadian embassy to try to solve the bureaucratic puzzle.

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But above all, here are some tips to avoid getting into trouble during a stopover abroad, American travel agent listed in “USA Today”:

1-Choose an approved cruise

Be sure to select an excursion organized by the cruise line or offered by a partner associated with the cruise line that ensures passengers return on time.

2-Set your watch to the boat time

Before leaving the ship, make sure your watch or cell phone is in the ship's time, not the island's local time, which can vary and “confuse” passengers, according to Joanna Kosar.

3- Make sure you come back at least an hour early

The travel agent said passengers should always ensure they return at least an hour before the ship departs, as cruise ships must adhere to a “tight schedule” in port. “If they have to leave at a certain time, they should leave at that time,” she stressed.

4-Bring your basic supplies with you

During a stopover, even if it is short, passengers should always bring their essentials with them, such as a passport, valid credit cards and daily medications, so that they can manage and travel between countries in the event of a problem.