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Party on the plane: "No regrets"

Party on the plane: “No regrets”

One passenger at the infamous “plane party” on a Sunwing flight to Mexico refuses to apologize, even going so far as to add another layer.

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Jerome Fugio states that the airline never complained about them and that the flight attendants would have attended the party.

“He didn’t ask us to stop at any time. The pilot never went to complain. Sunwing’s statement is completely wrong,” Mr. Feujio flatly refutes.

The passenger assures us that some flight attendant was not hiding in the back of the plane, but was with the group of revelers.

Mr. Fugio insists, “There are videos of them talking to us, and we have videos where they take our ‘shooters’ with us.”

He also blames the airline for not limiting passengers’ alcohol consumption, thus encouraging excesses that occurred during the flight.

“Let them not try to say that they tried to tell us to stop, because at no time did they do so,” the traveler asserts resolutely.

When asked if he had any regrets about the affair, Jerome Fugio, also a boxer, was emphatic.

No, we do not regret that it did not happen as the journalists explained the case. He asserts that the case did not go that way.

“We’re talking about a plane of about 200 people, and out of 200, about 10 to 15 people are partying. And of all those people there’s only one who smokes. He defends himself ‘You can’t use a small percentage to judge everyone,'” Adding that, for his part, he remained seated throughout the flight.

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Jerome Fugio emphasizes not being afraid of fines and the possible effects on his boxing career, preferring to devote himself to “uncovering the truth”.

Listen to Philip Vincent Foissy and Alexandre Moranville-Ollé’s news report on QUB Radio: