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Partnership with A&W: Guerreros in burgers and root beer

The A&W fast-food chain has been introducing a new burger since Monday and has been trying to win over nostalgic Montreal Expos as well as Toronto Blue Jays fans, since it teamed up with father-son Vladimir Guerrero to launch it.

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The pre-game burger should probably be avoided if you really want to score four points with one slap at the bat, because it really forces you.

Apparently called the Grand Slam, it’s made of breaded onion rings, beef patty, smokey BBQ sauce, bacon, provolone cheese, sliced ​​red onion, lettuce, tomato and pickles.

The ad also shows the duo formed from the former glory of “Nos amours” and current star of the Toronto Blue Jays, accompanied on a baseball field by the series’ Quebec spokesman, comedian Michel-Olivier Girard.

The new burger marks the beginning of a partnership between A&W and the Blue Jays, the chain said in a statement Monday, as it will now be the team’s “official burger.”

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