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Partenariat entre TikTok et Oracle pour stocker les données des utilisateurs aux États-Unis

Partnership between TikTok and Oracle to store user data in the United States

TikTok Oracle, a social video sharing processor, has entered into an agreement to store user information in the United States. The partnership will allow Dictoc to prevent its parent company, Byte Dance, from accessing US user information and addressing regulatory security and privacy concerns.

Under the proposed new partnership, cloud computing will store all U.S. Dictoc user data on Oracle data servers. The partnership agreement will also establish a team of US engineers and cyber security experts responsible for managing and protecting this ByteDance data. It is also possible that Dictok had no oversight or control over this group.

With thousands of TikTok employees involved in the effort, including restricting data access from outside the United States, efforts to bring the data to the United States began less than a year ago.

In 2020, former US President Donald Trump pressured popular processor TikTok to find an American buyer over concerns that its Chinese parent company, Byte Dance, was sending American users’ data to their government. TikTok does not have much interest in this matter as it risks being banned in the United States, one of their largest markets.

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