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Pour les 20 ans de Futura, signez notre livre d'or. © Juanito, Adobe Stock

Participate in our guestbook

This year, Futura celebrates 20 years of existence: 20 years of discovery, exploration and spreading science! To celebrate this anniversary, Futura is launching its own virtual guestbook. The opportunity to send us your messages and best wishes!

On the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we would like to keep an indelible memory for our readers. Let us know your wants and desires: What do you wish for in Futura? for the knowledge? to the planet? To you too ? It will take 30 seconds, watch at hand!

is yours keyboardWrite your message in the form below !

As for the anecdote, the origin of the guestbook has little to do with the usage we use today, it was apparently an official list of all the great families of the city, more precisely, in it recorded the names of nobles from the same state entered in golden letters.

After all, today we are a big family and you are part of its history! So, if you feel like it and feel inspired, feel free to drop us a little message for our 20th Anniversary. A symbolic way to stop time thanks to a written testimony!

You can also stay up to date with our 20 year program by subscribing to the form. very soon !

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