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Partial resumption of organized hockey in Quebec

The text of the government directive is as follows:

Indoor sports or recreational activities are restricted to being practiced alone, in pairs, or between residents of the same private dwelling.

Classes allowed indoors for one or two people or residents of a private residence.

Therefore it is currently permitted to reserve a tennis court or pickle ball to exchange a ball with a friend. According to this reasoning, Hockey Quebec believes that it would be possible to do the same on a skating rink.

As it is still, to this day, awaiting confirmation from government authorities to confirm our interpretation, Hockey Quebec is moving forward with these actions. Especially as we prioritize the sports practice of our youth and put them at the center of our decisions, it is imperative that we do not punish our youth for their sport.May we read in an internal memorandum sent to the leaders of all the regions of Quebec.

Each arena will be divided into six zones. In each workshop, two children will practice their individual skills. The area will allow practicing puck handling, shooting, skating techniques, etc.

According to Quebec Hockey, the ice will be divided into six zones that can each accommodate two children when sporting activities resume.

Photo: Radio Canada

« Hockey Quebec considers this interpretation to be safe and respectful of specific measures in place. If we receive a contrary directive, if necessary, we will adjust our plan accordingly. »

Quote from Marie-Joël Désaulniers, Director of Communications at Hockey Quebec

Hockey players must wear a mask at all times under their net, unless a distance of more than two meters is respected. As for coaches, they must keep it on at all times.

Each area should have a coach to supervise the activities. He must stay with the same group and in the same area for the duration of the training, we define.

A maximum of 12 children can be on the ice at the same time.

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