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Pars Express – Releases Art Prize 2020 Annual Report on the Art Market and Points a True Paradigm Shift: The Epidemic Forces Unprecedented Digitization of the Market

PARIS, February 6 / PRNewswire / – Our 23rd Annual Art Market Report presents a global analysis of public auctions in the visual arts – paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, prints and installations – from January 1 to December 31, 2020.

What was foretold for a period of time as an “empty year” for the art market turned out to be much more positive than expected. The cancellation of trade fairs, exhibitions and all sales in March 2020 sparked fears that the art business might come to a complete halt. But unlike museums that have been hit with full force by the effects of the Govt regulations, auction houses have found ways to quickly discover their core activities thanks to the dematerialization of digital technology: compared to 2019, they maintained a whopping 79% of sales, up from 91% in the previous year.

Art Price’s Art Market Hope Table 2020

AMCI: Art Market Trust Index

Our 2020 Annual Report on the Art Market is available for free, in full, online and in PDF format in three languages:


Thierry Ehrmann, CEO and Founder of and ArtPrice, is pleased to announce the free release of the 23rd Annual Report on the Art Market (2020):

“The epidemiological market experts who have invaded the world have been forced to expedite the process of digitalization that they have so long postponed. Contrary to tactics, Art Price never stopped innovating and preparing the ground for an inevitable future.

That’s why our team – despite the situation – enthusiastically supported all the major players in the art market in the historical challenge of creating stubbornness for three decades in just a few months (sometimes even a few weeks). “

Art Market 2.0

The art market has introduced a new economic model and has reached a new equilibrium that most optimistic forecasts for 2025 do not anticipate. With contemporary lifestyles and collective forms – that is, he is now the best for 21st century work.

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Art Price and its editorial partner Artron are pleased to present a global analysis of this paradigm with this 23rd Annual Report, focusing on the following questions:

* How did the epidemic affect the art market?

* How has digital technology affected the market, and what will tomorrow’s market look like?

* Why was the Chinese market so good?

* How did the collectors respond?

* What kind of works are most preferred?

* Which artists achieved despite the crisis?

* We had socio-cultural upheavals – from #MeToo to Black Lives
Subject – Does it affect the art market?

The prestigious Art Prize ranking of the 500 most beloved artists in the world and the monthly breakdown of art market highlights by 2020 faced unprecedented challenges of the health crisis.

China first

The report underscores China’s position today as America’s most intense competitor in the global art market. The Chinese art market has its own codes, but for that reason it is very interesting and ensures a particularly substantial and attractive editorial partnership between Art Price and Artron.

Top 10 list of countries by auction turnover in visual arts (change from
Year 2019)

1. China (Artron): $ 4.163.871.200
(+ 2%)

2. United States: 80 2,804,272,300

3. United Kingdom: $ 1,552,937,500

4. France: $ 578,347,600

5. Germany: 8 298,834,000
(+ 11%)

6. Italy: 2 142,404,000

7. Switzerland: $ 110,967,500
(+ 5%)

8. Japan: $ 95,366,400

9. Austria: $ 91,117,515

10. Poland: $ 89,672,059
(+ 1%)

Geographical breakdown of auctions in the visual arts by 2020

Looking at our other key market figures, the Art Price 100 © comparison index has increased by 405% since January 1, 2000. By 2020, this blue-chip artist index saw a 1.8% increase.

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Contemporary art is the machine of the art market in both the West and Asia – even in times of epidemics.

In short, despite a global tragedy unique to modern economic and social history, it can be said that the art market was largely accepted thanks to digital technology and at the time of its recording. This limited the sales drop in the market to -21%, which is an excellent performance for itself and the circumstances.


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