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Paris: We tested the Science Experiment for You project in Bercy Village

Paris: We tested the Science Experiment for You project in Bercy Village

The journey of the science experiment begins with meeting the wonderful hologram of Albert Einstein. His childish gestures and few disregard invite children and parents to enjoy and love science.

So, what’s better than a space dive. With a virtual reality headset, visitors have their heads up at the stars. The image is so deep that you can almost touch the Milky Way. But you have to take off the mask and continue the visit exploring the sea floor and the depths of the earth. One of the most impressive and simplest rooms, it allows you to cross the different layers of the earth’s crust to its core.

molten magma

In this room, pictures are projected onto the walls and floor. They react to children’s footsteps, so we notice circles and splashes of water, and we can almost touch them. Suddenly, everything vibrates and collapses to reach the molten magma at the center of the Earth. But do not worry, even 5-year-old Sasha was not afraid. “She’s not afraid of anything,” her mother admits.

Once on the surface, natural phenomena are somewhat neglected in favor of the human body. This time, everyone is wearing headphones and listening to surprising tidbits about the human body. But be careful not to use the wrong helmet, one of them is not recommended for those under 16 as it comes close to orgasm.

Want to taste insects?

The last rooms deal with electric currents and quantum mechanics. But first, it’s best to gain strength by discovering tomorrow’s food, the highly proteinaceous insects! Despite the reluctance, Alexandra Amir’s three children ate these little, crunchy, seasoned bugs. The mother did not want to taste, “she can’t stand bugs”, but she still had the right to eat cider and seaweed like everyone else.

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Finally, children learn to master electricity, and even almost teleportation. To understand how it all works, all you have to do is book your place on the Science Experience website and follow the various guides; Hologram, humans and insects of all kinds coexist wonderfully. For Elodie Lemaire, “Combinations are great, but quantum mechanics is too much for a 5 year old. Perfect for a 10 year old!”.

Scientific Experience, 23, rue de Pirouge (twelfth century). Reservation. Line 14 M ° Saint-Emilion.