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Paralympic Games: Bronze medal for 4 x 100 meters at the pool

Paralympic Games: Bronze medal for 4 x 100 meters at the pool

Canadian swimmers, backed by the excellent Aurélie Rivard, won the bronze medal in the 4×100 freestyle relay race Sunday at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

The formation of the maple leaf, however, played by luck, was the one who finished the race at the fifth level of the ranking. In fact, Canada benefited from the disqualification of the United States and Great Britain.

Italy took the gold, while Australia took the silver. The winners covered the distance in 4 minutes 24.85 seconds.

The Canadian team – made up of Riverd, Morgan Bird, Katrina Roxon and Sabrina Duchesne – finished the final less than six seconds behind the champions.

Rivard scored an impressive 58.10 in the relay final second leg after jumping into the pool in sixth, well behind the leaders, some of whom had already started 50 metres. Remember that the day before, the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu native won the 100m freestyle (S10) on Saturday in 58.60, which is a world record.

“The race was very exciting, and it was very interesting,” said Revard, whose comments were quoted by Swimming Canada.

“It was a great time to share with the girls, I am really proud of them and I am also very happy to contribute to Morgan Wasabi’s first Paralympic medals.”

This is Rivard’s third medal in Tokyo, and she also won a bronze in the 50th freestyle (S10) earlier in the week. In total, Canada has had four medals in pool so far in Tokyo.