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Panama: Inauguration of the Moroccan space at Barlatino headquarters

Panama: Inauguration of the Moroccan space at Barlatino headquarters

Friday, February 11, 2022 at 10:17 pm

Panama – A Moroccan space inaugurated, Thursday, at the headquarters of the Parliament of Latin America and the Caribbean (Parlatino) in the Republic of Panama, which His Majesty King Mohammed VI favored baptizing in the name of August “King Mohammed VI Library”.

During the opening ceremony, which was held in the presence of an audience of political and diplomatic figures, the flag of Morocco was raised in front of the Barlatino headquarters, to the rhythm of the national anthem.

In a speech on this occasion, the President of the House of Councilors, Naama Mayara, who is visiting the Panamanian capital (February 10-12) at the head of the council’s delegation, indicated that the “Library of King Mohammed VI” is a symbol that embodies the richness and diversity of Morocco’s cultural and spatial heritage within the boundaries of the largest parliamentary assembly in the world. Latin America and the Caribbean region.

It also represents a bridge between the peoples of Africa and this part of the world, said Mr. Mayara, in a press release issued by the second chamber of the Moroccan Parliament.

Mr. Mayara, who is participating in the annual General Assembly of Barlatino, as well as at the Summit of Presidents of Regional Parliamentary Associations in Africa and Latin America held in Panama, also noted that this space will serve as an important platform for interactive digital documentation and a direct link with the national parliaments of the 23 member states of the Barlatino.

The opening ceremony was enhanced by the presence of the Kingdom’s ambassador to Panama, Bushra Budchich, President of Barlatino Jorge Pizarro Soto, Mayor of Panama City Carla Garcia and the incoming president of Barlatino Silvia del Rosario Giacobpo.

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The President of the Parliament of the Economic Community of West African States, Sidi Mohamed Tunis, as well as the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Djibouti and the Speaker of the African Parliament of the Union Mohamed Ali Hamid will also participate in this ceremony. .

The delegation of the House of Councilors accompanying Mr. Mayara consists, in particular, of Ms. Nella Mia Tazi, Chairperson of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, National Defense and Moroccan Expatriates. Mustafa Mashariq, a member of the National Rally of Independents, Abd al-Rahman Awaf from the Authenticity and Modernity Group, and Ahmed al-Khorayef from the Independence Group for Unity and Equality.

He is also gentlemen. Miloud Massaid (Treasurer), Jawad Hilali (Secretary), Zakaria Al-Hunaini, Chief of Staff of the Chairman of the Council of Advisors, Saad Al-Ghazi, Director of External Relations and Communication, Asaad Al-Zarawali, Director of Human Resources and Finance, and Hassan. Azerkan, Head of External Relations Department.