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Painter Jean Littart dies

Painter Jean Littart dies

Quebec artist Jean Lettart passed away on April 29 at the age of 88 in Busherville.

Mr. Littart just celebrated his 88th birthday on April 26th. His death was confirmed by his wife Monique Tremby, an artist and art teacher, on Saturday at QMI.

Jean Leitart was born in Montreal in 1933, and studied fine arts in Quebec and Montreal before training in animation films in various European countries. As a TV director, he participated in several short film festivals and won awards in some of them. For more than thirty years, he was also a director at Radio Canada.

Jean Letarte has more than sixty years of experience in the art world and nearly thirty exhibitions of his work in Quebec, Canada and beyond. A truly multidisciplinary artist, he has distinguished art history in Quebec with his works in engravings, paintings, sculptures and watercolors.

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“You really can’t rate it. He really followed all the currents, but at the same time he was still his style and completely used all media. He had no limits, never stopped anything,” his wife told QMI.

She added: “If he made a mistake, it was not a mistake. He said that his path took another path,” explaining that his works were always based on “current events, his memories, his life, his family, and what is around him.” The people he met. “

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His work in the visual arts was recognized by the Académie internationale des Beaux-Arts du Québec, which awarded him the title of Grand Master in 2007.

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The city of Busherville, where he lived for several years, also honored him by giving his name to an exhibit at the Cafe Art Center in Old Busherville. On the building’s exterior, the public can also admire the artist’s massive mural, titled Indian Blood, produced in the honor of the indigenous people.