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Overwatch 2: Headline news end of September

Overwatch 2: Headline news end of September

In an official tweet, Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keeler indicated that new information about the title will be sent out soon. Fans have waited twice as long as they will not only be able to attend the coronation of one of their favorite league teams facing each other that day, but also an exhibition match played entirely on Overwatch 2. Finally, after months of silence, we begin to learn more about the colorful FPS. Recently, we especially learned that the roles will change: the battles take place in 5v5, and now the role of Tank must be played solo. Anyway, with this renewed connection, we hope that Overwatch will not join the list Multiple games have completely disappeared from circulation.

Bastion’s new look in Overwatch 2 – Credit(s): blizzard

While this September 25th will see a map of OW2 in action, players will also be able to learn more about the few new updates to the titles, and who knows, maybe we’ll have some surprises. We know that Blizzard I planned to talk about the redesign of Sombra and Bastion for example. The little robot will also undergo a complete makeover as shown in the image above. Will we finally know the Overwatch 2 release date in a few days? Rumors are talking about a release in the second quarter of 2022 for The game, which celebrated its fifth birthday last May. Activision-Blizzard’s FPS seems to be unfolding more and more, and whatever happens, Season 5 of OWL will indeed take place on a highly anticipated version of Overwatch 2. See you September 25 at 2:00 AM, French time, to find out.

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