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Outriders reach 3.5 million players in one month

Outriders reach 3.5 million players in one month

It’s final, Outriders is now Square Enix’s new mega franchise. With close to 3.5 million players in just one month, the company says it wants to develop the franchise in the future.

The launch of Outriders was a huge success for Square Enix that is now already thinking about the future of the new franchise. The company today announced that its new RPG shooter has reached 3.5 million players worldwide in the first month of its release (April 1, May 1). We’re also learning that average player playtime is over 30 hours on Outriders, which means the game has good player retention.

Square Enix’s next big franchise


Square Enix states that Outriders is set to become the publisher’s “next big franchise”, mainly due to its good reception, indicating that a sequel is almost certain at this point. It is possible that the game did not sell 3.5 million copies this way as it is available on the subscription service of the Xbox Game Pass, but still a large number of players show interest and strengths in the game.

Launching a new gaming IP is not an easy task, and we are very grateful for the support and feedback from the community. We continue to listen carefully and want to assure everyone that we are committed to improving and enriching the experience in the coming weeks and months. We also look to develop Outriders in the future. (John Brooke, Head of Square Enix Outside Studios)

Outriders, published by Square Enix, is first and foremost a game developed by the small studio People Can Fly, located in Poland. The studio is developing rapidly, however, when it has just acquired Phosphorous Games, aiming to expand its activities in Chicago.

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