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Our test of the Sony PS VR2: Beyond Reality

The PS VR2 has four mini cameras to independently determine its position in space and two wireless controllers that are able to detect movements using various sensors. Pascal Grandmaison

This virtual reality headset provides you with a breathtaking sense of immersion, ushering in a new era for video games.

We sit in the back of our boat, navigating relentlessly in the creases of a river crossing the depths of an imaginary jungle, halfway between the bushes of the Amazon and the foothills of the Himalayas. In the distance there are already impressive red mountains dotted with bizarre structures, which we will not fail to discover later.

Right now, we innocently plunge our hands into the translucent waters of the river, admiring the subtle reflections of light in the trees, on the faces of our cruise partners or even through the banks of mist emerging from the tunnels. Hundreds of leaves spinning in the wind. Wherever we look around 360 degrees, everything is beauty, calm and harmony. Suddenly, a giant metal eagle disturbs the gentle slumber, followed by some kind of mechanical eel that flips our feeble boat as the control arms jiggle with all their might for…

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