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Our journalists are still crowded by protesters

Our journalists are still crowded by protesters

While the Ottawa Police Department appeared to be getting tough on protesters by distributing leaflets warning them to leave the city or face criminal charges, nothing happened on Wednesday, 11 a.m.

Journalist Yves Pourier, who came to see the state of the situation in the national capital, was assaulted by dozens of protesters who insulted him, surrounded him, prevented him from doing his job and made it difficult for him to move around.

Several of them tried to grab his microphone and covered the camera lens.

The police did not intervene and did not appear to be present in this area as many of the protesters were on Wellington Street. Then a group of police officers were seen five minutes later, several blocks away.

Mario Dumont, who witnessed the situation, could not believe it.

“The Ottawa police chief who resigned yesterday, we understand why, and it doesn’t look any better this morning. It’s hard to imagine the scenes we’re seeing. Let’s take all kinds of deals. Human is a delivery man, and people like that are intimidating him and defending him. Police immediately step in, pick people up right away. There is tolerance for the police, especially the unprofessional in Ottawa, to do what is strictly forbidden to journalists!”, denounced Mario Dumont.

*** Watch the sequence in the video above. ***

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