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Our governments look like Symphorians

Our governments look like Symphorians

What message are the Trudeau and Legault governments sending to the population by asking a private company like McKinsey to help them solve problems within their jurisdiction?

They are unable to solve these problems by themselves.

Despite the confused public service.

Belt and ribbons

And what do citizens think when they see their governments turn to private companies to solve these problems?

“Why are you elected if you are not able to do the job?”

“Why strive to maintain such a large, obese, overinflated public service if it is so ineffective?”

“Why, if the private sector is more efficient than the public sector in operating the machine, why not award contracts directly to a private company, then?”

Why pay for both sides – public and private? »

It’s like we had pants so wide we had to buy a girdle from the government so we wouldn’t end up with our buttocks up in the air…but that said girdle was so poorly made that we also had to buy braces privately!

are you kidding me?

Created Basil

Imagine if it worked like this…

Company X pays three full-time computer experts (with pension, insurance, benefits, etc.) to fix computer problems.

But when one of their computers fails, the company has to pay an outside company to get out of trouble, because none of their in-house experts are qualified to help them!

What do you expect it to happen?

Company X is going to fire its experts!


Indeed, Mackenzie’s case, which has caused so much ink to flow in both Canada and Quebec, lifts the veil over the malaise of more and more citizens…

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We get the impression that our governments can no longer solve our problems.

Not only that, but they are unable to function properly.

I overwhelmed them.


That the machine is falling apart everywhere and that the state no longer has enough fingers to plug all the leaks.

Look at airports, passports, immigration, delays in the justice system, growing problems in the healthcare system, inflation, labor shortages in critical sectors, universities that can no longer organize themselves…

The State Like Charlie Chaplin’s The modern era !

struck by the device. The monster swallowed it.

A creation of Basile who takes his time dropping his toolbox on his toes.

Symphorian, Avram.

Mr. Lavigour and janitor Gustave V I and the other.

“Eh? The pipe is broken? Where?”

Seduction of extremists

This is what happened in the thirties.

People no longer believe that a democratic system can solve their daily problems.

Therefore, they resorted to other political systems that seemed to them more efficient and effective.

When you lose faith in the institutions that are supposed to protect you, you no longer respect them.

The result: January 6, 2021 in Washington, January 8, 2023 in Brasilia.

As Camus said: “The challenge of my generation is to prevent the world from collapsing…”