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Other free games similar to Wordle, which invade our social networks

Other free games similar to Wordle, which invade our social networks

Have you seen any friends posting a few rows of beige, yellow and green squares with the word Word And a number from 6?

These posts are actually the result of a daily part of Wordle. A game that makes us guess a word with five letters. Kind of a mix between Mastermind and Lingo (Without the infamous black ball!).

After each attempt the game tells us if there is a missing letter from the search word, correct without being in the right or correct place and in the right place. You can become addicted to it play here.

If you’ve ever been into word games, I have other suggestions for you!

hello word

hello word It’s almost the same as Wordle except that you can’t share your score so easily. On the plus side, you can play endlessly rather than once a day.

In addition, you can choose the number of letters of the word you are trying to guess. I’ve found that there are too many 4 letter words for this to be fun. For example, if I’m looking for something that ends in ast, I have FastAnd rushingAnd pastAnd the last, spitAnd mast And wide.

I seriously lack the vocabulary to deal with long words. 5 and 6 letter words are the funniest to me!

In all cases, the words being searched for are simple words that we all know. We’re not in a situation reminiscent of Call-TV where we’re looking for a five-letter animal and the answer is a mysterious rodent subspecies from New Zealand.

It’s free and The fun starts here!

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Sabeel Tower

The SpellTower series is one of the first games to hit the App Store at a time when we stunned our friends with an app that showed us a pint of beer we pretended to drink.

In this game we have a letter grid in which we have to form the words in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, which score points while making the used letters disappear.

In puzzle mode, each column moves up one row per word. Therefore it is necessary to prioritize some characters that will lower the columns that may reach the top of the screen.

Several versions of the games are available for free for all phones. SpellTower+ is available to Apple Arcade subscribers.

Babylon Royal

Babylon Royal It is a battle royale game inspired by Scrabble where only one participant survives. Here, each player walks around forming words on the ever-shrinking board. Only the survivor will win the game!

You can disqualify a player if you make a word with one of the letters of the word they just formed. The smaller the game board, the more stress!


Mobile game fans have undoubtedly seen ads for words. These types of games are usually not worth a joke, but I must admit I spent 2 hours there after downloading this article!

Obviously you shouldn’t be afraid of ads and popups, but other than that it’s more fun and addictive than I thought!

kitty message

From the same creator of Exploding Kittens, Wordscape comes with more action. This game is played solo or in a duel where we send our cats to the opponent in word form.

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The multiplayer mode is very easy to understand. On the other hand, I wanted at least three letters to form the words as we end up testing all the two-letter combinations at a time.

But why take a game where you train a cat militia seriously?

There, those were some suggestions for a pun. Feel free to check out the word games section of your phone’s app store, there are always good suggestions through it all!

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