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Origins, the return of a classic adventure game from the '90s

Origins, the return of a classic adventure game from the ’90s

golden age Point and click So far from us it’s hard to imagine a return of the genre. However, there are still a few studios out there that you don’t hesitate to try with their own hands, with licenses that we thought were long gone. This is how Simon the Sorcerer: Origins came to us, after being forgotten for more than 10 years.

image credit: Smallthing Studios

Back through the magic door

Simon the Sorcerer is one of those adventure game licenses that featured gamers who managed to immerse themselves in it during the ’90s, but then fell into oblivion. While the series contains five episodes dating back to 2009.

It must be said that apart from the first two episodes, which are full of references to heroic fantasy, the last three works were not great. Adventure Soft, the original studio behind the first two games, has disappeared, and the transition to 3D with the third game didn’t convince everyone.

After a failed attempt in 2014 to relaunch the series with a participatory campaign, it was surprising to welcome the announcement of Simon the Sorcerer: Origins. The title was developed by the Italian studio Smallthing Studios should take inspiration from the first two, keeping the spirit of the series, but with a more modern approach.

We don’t know much at the moment, except that it is a matter of discovering the fate of Simon the Magician, a few weeks before the events of the first game of 1993, which brings our young sorcerer into a parallel world full of monsters. and magic.

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No release date has been announced yet, but Simon the Sorcerer: Origins is scheduled for PC, Mac, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, as well as the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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