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Organizational Development in the West: Making Room for Childishness

Organizational Development in the West: Making Room for Childishness

J Do Temple had promised us bickering and moments of anxiety in the last week ofOD in the WestMrs. Bhagai has certainly fulfilled her promise thus far.

After Robben and Marillo qualified for the final trip, on Wednesday November 24th, we faced a very heavy moment of explanations and resentment like the last 5-7 of the season.

Ines first made sure to make everyone understand that she absolutely did not want to know anything about sending Robin and Marilou south and that she was distancing herself from the decision of her better half. All while Stevens made it clear that he simply wanted to give his place to the man who was closest to him in the adventure.

So far, so good.

However, the game is very simple: to rank first second in the ODéfi, and let others decide who is ahead and who is waiting.

Regardless of what we think of Robin’s journey, he and Marillo won the two OD challenges that could lead to the Grand Final. This data must also be accounted for for something. And it would have been especially difficult for the couple to swallow the pill – for good reason – if they were denied a second pass in a winning case.

If Fred and Audrey want to get their place in the final quickly, they can also read a simple instruction manual (Let’s face it, the difficulty of putting together a piece of IKEA furniture has had its day for a good ten years).

“If that is the case, I will not play anymore.”

If Fred is the only one who understands and accepts Stevens’ logic, Luca, Amelie, and Audrey soon get into a frowning mode to express their displeasure.

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More so, the disqualified couple announced their (wrong) intention to leave the adventure, turning their backs on the possibility of participating in the last trip due to this controversial decision!

In short, you do not want to invite these four individuals to play a game of Monopoly with you, because you can be sure that they will leave the table the moment you start thinking about building hotels on the Promenade and Place du. Park .

Do we hear my candidates?OD in the West It was relatively easy in terms of gameplay, as each take out followed the logic of everyone’s romantic actions. Heartbreaking choices have been few this season, although tears have often flowed for yes or no.

But now that things are getting more serious, accept this fact that everyone feels betrayed anyway, good looking and deserving of a prize worth over $600,000 shouldn’t be rocket science into a game where it’s all about appearances.

There was at least some semblance of reconciliation and apology afterward.

When we told you that last week could be decisive before the public vote…Can Robin and Marilo – in spite of themselves – build up a capital strong enough to sympathize with the actions of others to hope for the traditional rain of victory confetti this Sunday? It wouldn’t be the first in the history of reality TV…

OD in the West airs Sunday through Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on Noovo.