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Optical Illusion: Incredible Photo of Human Face Caught in Wave in England

A British photographer captured this unusual human face formed by a breaking wave during a storm at Roker Pier Lighthouse in Sunderland, northeast England, on February 24.

After photographing more than half of the storm on September 24 at the Roker Pier lighthouse in Sunderland, on the northeast coast of the United Kingdom, Ian Sprott was surprised to see a foamy profile in one of his 4,000 photos. A 45m wave was thrown over the crater of the famous English monument BBCFebruary 28.

Days after she took the photo, the 41-year-old photographer took to her Instagram account to share her stunning photo with the following caption: “Face in the waves, is that the Greek sea goddess Amphitrite or our beloved Queen Elizabeth II?

Once it was shared, her post went viral in the UK, prompting countless comments from netizens about her incredible shot.

One of Ian Sprott’s passions is creating images where one can perceive human or animal forms created by waves and seascapes. These frequent optical illusions find their explanation in the ability of the human brain to recognize familiar patterns in abstract or natural elements such as clouds, rocks, etc. This phenomenon is called paretolia.

Asked by the BBC about his startling work, Ian Sprott said it wasn’t his best film in terms of music, but he was happy and very happy.

Originally considered as a hobby, this professional electrician actually got into photography two years ago during his confinement related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I really struggled to get through the lockdown, it was very difficult and I was very stressed about my work. I had to do something where I was at peace, and I found that in photography, because you are in the moment, it takes you away from everything else,” he said. He told the BBC.

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“Every day is a challenge and if you don’t get the picture, you know there’s always tomorrow to try again. It changed my life and I’m a different person now,” he concluded.