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Opponents of the third link demonstrate in Quebec

Opponents of the third link demonstrate in Quebec

Hundreds of anti-Language protesters thronged the streets of Quebec City on Sunday, despite bad weather.

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The demonstration began at one in the afternoon in the Place Jean-Bellevaux.

And this is not the first demonstration that has been made because of the project, which has a cost of more than six billion dollars.

“The desire of the people today is to send a strong signal to the Legault government to show that there is no social acceptance of the Link 3 project and, above all, there is a desire for more ambitious projects that truly respond to the environmental emergency,” said Angel Pino Lemieux, Accès spokeswoman, conveying Organisms.

Despite revisions to the tunnel project between Quebec and Levis, public discontent persists.

Instead, they assert, a budget of billions of dollars could be invested elsewhere, particularly in the health sector or to tackle climate change.

“Regardless of the project framework, we stay with the problem from the start. There has never been a study demonstrating a need. It is only an electoral promise. As science shows, adding road capacity leads, in the long run, to more congestion, which is what takes us further away from Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gases,” the spokesperson believes.

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