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Opponents of health measures hit the sidewalk - R.D. in French.

Opponents of health measures hit the sidewalk – R.D. in French.

As the delta faces the global spread of variability, health restrictions are increasing around the world. Like France, Italy and Australia were the scene of important meetings.

According to the Interior Ministry, as 161,000 people protested across France on July 24, opposition to the generalization of the health pass or compulsory vaccine against Covit-19 was crystallized in other countries.

In the United Kingdom, these are Several thousand people mobilized in London, Especially in Trafalgar Square, despite the removal of most health restrictions on July 19th. This “global rally for freedom” also passed Boris Johnson’s office at 10 Downing Street. Participants condemned the government’s desire to make vaccination mandatory in some areas. In Manchester, protesters also took to the streets.

Greece also saw many protests against compulsory vaccination. According to Reuters, at least 3,000 people gathered in front of the Greek parliament in Athens. Clashes between police and protesters erupted as part of the protest. As a reminder, vaccination is mandatory for health workers in Greece, but also mandatory for workers working in retirement homes.

On July 24, Italy witnessed a similar protest: 3,000 people gathered in Rome. After several megaphone speeches, protesters advanced the procession to Roy’s headquarters via Mazzini To protest against the press. The cities of Turin and Milan were also the scene of rallies against the government’s health policy.

The Green bass, As it is called in Italy, should Effective August 6. Another demonstration by the League is expected on July 28.

Outside Europe, Australia also witnessed protests against health restrictions on the same day. Thousands protested in Sydney and Melbourne against the crackdown. Several people have been arrested after violent clashes with police in Sydney. According to Defender At least 57 people have been charged with unrest.

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If the incidence rate continues to rise, health restrictions on undeclared populations in countries such as Germany may come into effect. “Those who are not vaccinated will definitely have more freedom,” President Angela Merkel’s chief executive Helge Brown told the newspaper. Sunday film Released July 25.