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opinion. Space for biodiversity to enhance nature

On Saturday, April 29, the Philly Biodiversity District opened, on a beautiful community lot that a few years ago still housed a cross-country course.

It was Fabien Rose, Deputy Delegate for Environment, Sustainable Development and Environmental Transition who led this project along with other elected officials, including Didier de Vitor. Without forgetting the initiatives of two environmentally conscious young men.

Flower seed bombs and hotel bugs

Cédric Perillat is a beekeeper in Un rêve d’abeille, and the Pollinator Protection Association has installed hives there, thanks to the Ventimeca company that helped finance this installation.

In the morning, Cedric organized activities for the children with seed bombs made from honeysuckle seeds that would provide food for their bees.

Manon Morgenstern has created an insect hotel using recycled materials. The hotel is indeed home to a great variety of insects and even lizards, field mice or small specimens.

Mayor Cyril Demoulis recalled their work and also that of the municipal employees, Virginie and Patrick, who prepared the land by installing compost and mulching and planting trees that would also bring food from spring to the end of summer: lemon trees, mountain ash trees. , plum trees, chestnut trees, elm trees, ornamental apple trees…

Flowers planted in meadow openings

They both also planted flowers in their holes in the meadow: lavatera, borage, marigolds, whose flowers would complement the forage food. “It is a space that we want to make natural for families to come to, which is why we also set up picnic tables. For children, it is also an educational space where school children can come and discover the life of bees and insects. In the same way, we are replanting trees on the Ponaterit crossing and schoolyards will be planted Bucklines this summer. In favor of biodiversity, much remains to be done. We are also progressing step by step with neighborhood committees and based on the 2030 Agenda … “, explained the mayor, who concluded:” We will be vigilant: the monitoring is organized so that it respects Everyone this space! »

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