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Opera to scare away strollers near convenience stores

A Texas landlord decided to put on classical music to prevent his clients from having unpleasant encounters.

Jajal Patel, Austin-based 7/11 owner, said on KTBC.

He confirms that needles are often found on the floor and that an individual was actually attacked near the shop.

A local worker added, “I have to carry this big knife with me just to defend myself.”

“Studies prove that classical music is anxiety-provoking. Opera is nerve-wracking, and the studies seem to be valid because the tactic works,” Patel continued.

The authorities have reportedly already received quite a few noise complaints, but Jagal Patel maintains his solution is good for everyone. He plans to turn down his anti-knife music to accommodate his customers.

The owner seems to have influenced other dealers as the opera can be heard almost everywhere in the United States such as Texas and in many cities in California, which are experiencing a homelessness crisis.

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