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Opening and opening of the new Espace Sous

Opening and opening of the new Espace Sous

Temporarily installed for almost 5 years on the road to Severa, after being on Rue Béteille, the Espace Souss run by Mr. Ayach opened its doors on Tuesday morning to its first clients, including Mayor Jean-Philippe Keroslyan accompanied by Jean-Louis Cousts, to register also And in a very joyful way (about good tea, cakes and delicious pastries), this new shop has been wonderfully opened, with an area of ​​500 square meters (on 800 meters of the building), where you can find oriental pastries, butchery, fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen section, drinks, cleaning and beauty products, but Also a great section of spices and herbs from all countries, a section of dried fruits …

In fact, instead of taking an inventory in the style of Prévert, which would not be exhaustive, we can sum it up by saying that you can find absolutely everything you are looking for there and with a large selection, but with a change of scenery and more, on a journey full of colors to the four corners of the world!

“For me it is a wonderful adventure to come true today, I was very patient to open it up and thank my wife and children who have supported me from the beginning. For now, I still hold my old comparators, because I have other projects in mind, but today is a very beautiful day” The master of the place sums up with a wide smile, while the first customers, after a short stop by the inaugural buffet, were already at checkout, with well-loaded shopping carts!

Espace Souss is located at 251, rue de la Prade in Onet and is open daily from 9am-1pm and 2:30pm-8pm, even on Sundays.

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