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Ontario drops color code |  Coronavirus: Ontario

Ontario drops color code | Coronavirus: Ontario

In an email sent in the afternoon, Ivana Jelich confirmed the information, which she reported for the first time Globe & Mail, Accordingly, the color code used between the second and third wave will no longer.

Ontario Liberal Party leader Stephen Del Duca responded to the news Tuesday afternoon on Twitter.

He wonders whether the decision to abandon the color code was a political one, or was it dictated by the flag. The schedule should drive this change [de concertation sur les mesures de santé publique] And not for Doug FordCan we read his statement on Twitter.

Decoding plan

The news was confirmed as all opposition parties in Queens Park called on the government to quickly put together a plan to explain to Ontario residents how their county will reopen.

The home stay application is due to expire on June 2.

In a context where Saskatchewan outlined its plan last week and Quebec to hold the exercise on Tuesday, the opposition believes the Progressive Conservative Party is lagging behind.

Other provinces were able to present their plan. I don’t understand why Doug Ford and his team can’t do it, but it would be the least thing for the traders and Ontario residentsSays new Democratic leader Andrea Horwath.

Without offering itself a specific date for submitting such a document, the official opposition leader asserts that the moment of Ontario’s dismantling should be based on scientific advice and not on Cabinet bickering or responses to lobbyists.

These comments echo the comments of the liberals.

We should know at this point, what it will look like, what metrics we will be using, and it should be based on science.John Fraser, an MP for southern Ottawa, argues.

As for the Greens, planning should be at the center of Mr. Ford’s priority.

We need a re-opening plan. First: Reopen safely so you don’t have to return to contain. Second, companies and societies need time to prepareAs Mike Schreiner, leader of the Ontario Green says.

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott speaks during a press conference in a yard that has been converted into a vaccination center.

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott

Photo: The Canadian Press / Frank Gunn

Plan offered soon

In response to a question Tuesday about reopening the governorate, the health minister – who is also the deputy prime minister – indicated that a plan would be presented very soonWithout wanting to advance to a specific date.

We are working with the Chief Medical Officer of Health and Experts to safely reopen Ontario, because the last thing we want is to enter the fourth waveMrs. Elliott explained.

She said the government will look at indicators such as the number of people who have been vaccinated, hospital admission and the rate of virus recurrence, in particular, to determine when health measures can be eased.

Minister Elliott also indicated that the province may reach a new vaccination target before the end of May, meaning that 70% of adults have received the first dose of a vaccine against COVID-19.

The final goal was for 65% of adults to achieve this by the end of the month.

Improved health status

While the number of patients treated in the district’s intensive care is dropping very slowly, the number of new infections is declining.

The province reported fewer than 2,000 new cases on Tuesday. So it was the ninth day in a row with fewer than 3,000 new infections in the daily toll from the pandemic.

We’re heading towards a good picture of the situation in mid-June.Dr. David Williams, medical director of health for Ontario, said Monday.

However, he did not fail to remind Ontario residents that hospital transfers between hospitals are still underway due to the pandemic and that they still have to follow instructions despite the good weather.

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