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Online test for calculating life expectancy

A geriatrician and professor of medicine, who specializes in centenarians, has published an online life expectancy calculator that allows you to estimate the age at which you should die.

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the Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator It was invented by American Thomas Perls, who works at Boston Medical Center in addition to teaching medicine at Boston University.

The freely available online tool is based on scientific research, statistics and your lifestyle as well.

Through a questionnaire that takes a few minutes to complete, you are asked about your family, social status, lifestyle, diet, health, and family history.

Once all the questions are answered, the calculator tells you how many years you technically have left to live.

However, Dr. Perls cautions that you don’t need to worry about the result you might get. The online test is primarily intended to inform you about the habits and behaviors that have an impact on your health and life expectancy.

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