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OnePlus 9 / OnePlus 9 Pro improves the camera

OnePlus 9 / OnePlus 9 Pro improves the camera

OxygenOS is rolling out little by little for the OnePlus 9 / OnePlus 9 Pro. An update that improves the smartphone camera but also brings stability corrections.

OnePlus, The manufacturer that we no longer provide. In a very short time, the manufacturer has proven itself among the best in China, as Huawei or Xiaomi. His foldable smartphone was a success at launch. It has to be said that OnePlus offers excellent models and does not hesitate to listen to its community to improve its features. Its smartphones have been particularly praised for its photography, So much so, that the company launched a photo contest. Today, that is precisely the point Enhanced by the OxygenOS update for OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro … but not only!


OnePlus 9 / OnePlus 9 Camera Improves – Credit (Credits): OnePlus

Improved image clarity and ambient performance

• Improved white balance consistency with the rear camera

• Improved image sharpness on the rear camera


Improved stability when charging

• Improved keyboard sensitivity at the edges

• Fixed an abnormal display of the battery icon in the status bar

• Fixed an issue that was preventing incoming calls from Google Fi SIM cards

Fix known issues and improve the system in general

Android Security Update 2021.04

As always, this update is being rolled out little by little. This means that OxygenOS may arrive at your place immediately or later. If you don’t want to wait, You can use the Oxygen Updater app available on play store.

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