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One slogan, Rehabilitation of the tribes

One slogan, Rehabilitation of the tribes

stage 1he is– The month of November from Tizi Ouzou will host, this evening, a very important meeting between JS Kabylie and WAT, on behalf of the League Cup semi-finals. A meeting eagerly awaited by fans of the two clubs.

The Kabyles, who are still qualified in Biskra, want at all costs to put up with this team in order to snatch qualification for the final of this competition and above all to confirm their good health. The comrades of Walid Ben Sharifa prepared this meeting well and swore by the qualifications. After three days of preparation, she will face down-to-earth Denis Lavani, the Amary. The Kabyles will try to surprise their opponents today from the start of the match to arouse suspicion.

Start the match strong to dispel the doubt

Sure enough, the Yellows and Greens would have liked to play this match at the 5th of July Stadium in order to properly prepare for the return of the semi-finals to the CAF Confederation Cup against Coton Sport, however, they were in no way impressed or disappointed by the rejection. From LFP to match transmission. The controversy of localization at the highest point creates an incentive for Ben Sayeh’s comrades, who intend to approach the match with all the seriousness they wanted. As goalkeeper Benbout’s companions are confident, after the recent good results achieved in the African Confederation Cup, in the League and also in the League Cup, they will have to start this match with a fierce desire to define their territory from the first quarter. Time with the privilege of scoring the first goal quickly to dispel doubt and push the opponent to leave his camp.

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Attack is the key to the match

It’s no secret that the key to JS Kabylie’s success against WAT today lies in the attackers’ reaction. This is what the technical team tried to make his teammates in Boulahia understand. Through the many exercises that were practiced during the past two training sessions, Denis Lavani made his players understand that victory will depend on the behavior of the attackers who are called to take advantage of every opportunity that presents themselves. The reason why Boulahia, Bensaih, Hamroun, Bhopal and the others are undergoing testing this week is to provide their team with qualification for the final, which necessarily includes goals.

The defense must confirm their status

Having conceded 16 goals in 23 matches in the league, the defense of JS Kabylie, the second best player in the tournament, is called to confirm its position as well and to be reassured before the upcoming meetings that await JS Kabylie, especially in the African Confederation Cup. against Coton Sport de Garois. The technical staff doubled the training during this week to allow the defensive hinge to avoid mistakes made in previous matches. The technical staff will also benefit from the return of Badr El-Din Souad, who should resume his main position alongside Ahmed Ait Abdel Salam.

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