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One & Only Volcanic Valley: A Natural Retreat in Australia

One & Only Volcanic Valley: A Natural Retreat in Australia

John Lennon, former Beatles, multi-dimensional artist, insurgent and pacifist, some have dedicated their lives to the search for happiness. Some have simply given it up, and the majority, seeking some kind of happy medium, are betting on the moment when the train of troubles will finally stop its course. They are desperately looking for opportunities (weeks, days or quick moments) to realize the feeling of this comforting eternity: refreshing holidays, far away from the daily gray or glamorous holidays in the middle of nature. Do you think that even pleasure trips can turn into unfortunate events due to lack of planning or twist of fate? Don’t even think about it anymore. Because today, on the eve of World Happiness Day, we decided to be optimistic.

We close our eyes and embark on a long, long journey to Australia, which appears at 2 p.m.And Year following in the top 20 places World Happiness Report Of Network for creating durable solutions United Nations. From the red desert to the turquoise of the sea, this country-continent full of contradictions amazes us, not forgetting the greenery of the tropical forests. With the recent reopening of borders, the country has returned to the top of European tourist destinations.

Rupert is silent

To celebrate World Happiness Day, the luxury hotel group One & Only is launched Happy retreat The 7,000-hectare natural reserve is protected by the reliefs of the Greater Blue Mountains (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Located within a 3-hour drive from Sydney, Emirates One & Only is a true destination within the Vulcan Valley destination. In this place of extraordinary brilliance, the complete interaction with nature allows one to live the definitive real experience of Australia.

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Natural above all else

Rupert is silent

All senses are called to this blissful retreat. Look around to see kangaroos and wolves running freely around. The scent of eucalyptus forest mixes with the delicate scent of Australian clematis. In the morning, you are mesmerized by the song of exotic birds and are slowly drawn from sleep by the light that changes from pink to blue, flooding the mountains and paths that take you to the treasures of unreal terrain, history and nature.

Sturdy architecture

Happiness also requires respect for the planet. The resort has a plan to preserve the country’s historical heritage and is known for its commitment to sustainability. It is also one of the world’s leading examples of a zero-emission certified structure. Designed by Turner + Associates team and architect Sada Simpeda as a run for its color palette of Australian landscaping, the trees and sandstone for construction are made within a 100km radius. The resort is built around the historic colonial property Heritage Homestreet and is the vibrant heart of its meticulously restored 1832 building establishment. Guests enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of the spectacular landscape of Wolmei National Park and the Gardens of Stone National Park, possessing 40 detached villas inspired by the architecture of Australia’s federal era.

The Happiness Retreat Project

Let’s go to the details of the program Happy retreatIt combines the powerful experiences available to guests at the One & Only Volcanic Valley, designed to increase your serotonin levels – the good mood hormone – in a completely natural way and relieve you of the worries and anxieties of everyday life.

  • Security function : You have the opportunity to actively participate in the conservation of the territory, planting and monitoring of trees, monitoring of animals and testing of water purity;
  • Pushwalking : Excursion for adults and children through the most spectacular tracks of the Australian bush, the epic hike in Donkey Hill, the view of the Vulcan Valley or the historic hike on the Glow Worm Tunnel Railroad;
  • Wild fire : Guided excursion to the place on the estate, where you can see the southern hemisphere skylark around a campfire. Discovering the planets, galaxies, galaxies and myths of the aborigines;
  • Volcano Ranger : The program for children 5 to 10 years old takes nature as its playground. The company’s expert guides introduce young rangers to the world of Australian insects, animals and birds. Activities: Fossil hunting, horseback riding, orienteering, crab fishing, archery and more;
  • Riding lessons and horse riding Between rivers, mountains, meadows and eucalyptus forests. Similar lessons are open to neophytes and professionals who will find crowds of kangaroos and walruses in their spare time, ruining the beauty of the panorama by stops or eating with snacks prepared in the establishment’s kitchen;
  • Yoga and Pilates sessions with views of the Greater Blue Mountains ;
  • Health care With organic products of the Australian brand Sodasi ;
  • Delicious picnic In stock with locally grown produce.
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All you have to do is open your eyes and book your next dream vacation.