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One more step towards submarine power cable construction

One more step towards submarine power cable construction

Xlinks wants to award contracts for geophysical, geotechnical and marine ecosystem probes over a distance of about 3,600 km, including data acquisition, processing, mapping and production. Marine energy. At an estimated total cost of 13 13 million (approximately $ 17.4 million), the deal includes coastal and marine geophysical and hydrographic studies, UXO exploration and coastal geotechnical studies and maritime studies.

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This includes coastal and coastal pendulum surveys, coastal geotechnical drilling and remote-controlled underwater vehicle (ROV) surveys. Companies interested in this tender announcement are invited to submit application files by January 17, 2022. The contract period is six months and is non-renewable.

The undersea power connection project between southern Morocco and the United Kingdom provides for the construction of four 1.8 GW high-voltage cables, which will be installed approximately 3,800 km underwater and provide 8% of the energy required by the UK. Through this project, the two countries will connect their networks to strengthen their capacity to supply green electricity and streamline energy transfer.

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The solar and wind power plant, which will be operational by 2030, will have an area of ​​approximately 1,500 square kilometers and will generate 7 GW of solar power and 3.5 GW of wind. It will be connected exclusively to the United Kingdom, but 20 GWh / 5 GW batteries will be installed in Morocco to save energy. Xlinks estimates the project will power 7 million UK homes by 2030.