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One company points out the mismanagement of passengers by the government

One company points out the mismanagement of passengers by the government

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Bad Practices, Lack of Control: In the United Kingdom, the National Audit Agency (NAO) condemns the government administration of travelers during the Covit-19 crisis. For most of 2021, the hotel isolation system is in place. At a higher cost to UK taxpayers.

With our correspondent in London, Emilin Wine

Nearly £ 400m of public money (approximately மில்லியன் 500 million) has been spent on isolated expenses at the hotel. Half of the total cost of removal. Outstanding government payments in lieu of passengers: rooms, screening tests, 75 75 million. Another procedure: passengers are denied fare Via Their bank, according to the National Audit Agency (NAO), is a “fraudulent” practice.

Efficacy has not been proven

The company believes the effectiveness of the hotel isolation policy has not been proven. Of the 214,000 travelers from “endangered” countries, only 2% contracted Govt-19 disease during their eleven-day stay at the hotel.

Learn the lessons

The company also criticizes restricting home isolation for other travelers. Despite the cost of the checks – over 100 100 million – one-third of passengers may have exceeded demand, with no effect. In its statement, the NAO called on the government. “ Learn lessons Epidemic for potential future travel restrictions.

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