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On YouTube: Minecraft hits 1000 billion views!

On YouTube: Minecraft hits 1000 billion views!

To gauge the popularity of a game, there are sales, but there is also general interest on other platforms, such as YouTube. Today’s massive video site Google reported it minecraft game It has reached the unimaginable milestone of a trillion (trillion) views since the game was introduced in 2009.

Gives you an idea of ​​the game craze on the planet! Especially in this difficult period when gaming distracts us by providing a little relief from viruses and other health restrictions.

To highlight the event, YouTube has installed a page about this game The most popular and most viewed on the platform in 2020.

A trillion is…

“If each of those trillions of views lasted just one second, that would be more than 30,000 years. If each view was a 12-inch block of Minecraft, you could build a pile from Earth to the sun and back — with about seven million miles left. That is A trillion views,” the Minecraft website reads after calculating 12 years of daily downloads and views of tens of thousands of creators and millions of viewers.

We know that Canadian developers and creators have been a big fan of the Minecraft adventure. ” this year, Allah was one of the famous canadian designers With 1.7 million subscribers. Among other designers to highlight, we find explode (5.2 million subscribers), Dennis (9.17 million subscribers) and creator of Quebec polo (2.27 million subscribers). “

In a world that has long been dominated by male content creators, the creator who is now generating the most views for Minecraft videos is female (above). Afmao, known for its episodic storylines through role-playing games, has been uploading videos for over nine years and has become the most watched Minecraft creator of 2020.

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To celebrate this achievement, the YouTube Culture & Indicators team created this View site From the data that shows the main trends and timeline of development of Minecraft on the platform.

YouTube Culture & Trends Display Page


YouTube Culture & Trends Display Page

I also created a YouTube profile Video Animation set in the Minecraft scene, highlighting the main Minecraft creators and community highlights from around the world. Today, YouTube will also make the Minecraft community stand out by changing an animated banner on the YouTube homepage for 24 hours.