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on video | Saving a baby kangaroo from floods in Australia

Australian police patrolling floods in Queensland, Australia came to the rescue of a baby kangaroo trapped in the water.

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The scene was captured on officers’ body cam as record flooding was recorded on Sunday 12 March near Burketown, a remote Queensland town.

Two large crocodiles have been observed near the kangaroo and may have been preparing to devour it.

Police told all residents to evacuate the town on Saturday, warning that record floodwaters were expected to rise over the weekend.

“We urge all remaining residents to evacuate the Burketown community as quickly as possible,” Queensland State Police said in a statement posted on social media.

The elderly and young children were evacuated first, she said, adding that sewage systems were “compromised” and electricity would be cut later in the day.

Authorities said helicopters and other aircraft evacuated the most vulnerable from the town of about 200 people.

Television footage showed murky water splattered against the walls of buildings and vast tracts of land turned into lakes with only the tops of trees visible.

State Police Commissioner Tom Armitt said the city is about 1,000 miles from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

After torrential rains, which have since abated, the Albert River that runs along the city surpassed the record set in March 2011 of 6.78 metres, according to the Queensland Bureau of Meteorology.

The river rose to more than seven meters on Friday.

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Australia has had heavy rains over the past two years with the La Nina weather phenomenon intensifying in the Pacific Ocean.

But the National Weather Service expects “drier and warmer” weather in the coming months as the end of La Niña approaches.

In March 2022, the east coast was hit by violent storms with heavy rains that claimed more than 20 lives.

Flash floods ravaged parts of eastern Australia later in the year, forcing evacuations in Sydney in July, and ripping homes off their foundations in some rural towns in November.