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on video |  He shaves his hair to cheer up his mother, who has cancer…and his co-workers, too!

on video | He shaves his hair to cheer up his mother, who has cancer…and his co-workers, too!

Colleagues of a young Brazilian hairdresser who shaved his head on the spot to accompany his mother, who suffers from cancer when she had to say goodbye to her hair, has moved the web in recent days.

Image from Instagram | Guido

“When you raise a man the right way…” reads a video shared on TikTok, which has been viewed more than 19.9 million times in less than 24 hours on Friday.

@employee In a sincere show of solidarity and compassion, a brave woman who had recently undergone chemotherapy was joined by a group of barbers when she faced the emotional challenge of shaving her head. The experience, unquestionably tough for anyone, was particularly poignant for this woman, as her hair loss served as a profound reminder of her battles with cancer. However, what happened next was a beautiful testament to the power of empathy and support. Motivated by her strength, the barbers decided to side with her, and voluntarily shaved their heads one by one, creating an atmosphere full of love and understanding. This powerful act of unity touched the hearts of all present, leaving an indelible mark on the woman and reminding her that she was not alone in her journey. #crabs # Fighting cancer # Cancer survivors #Cancer fighter #Solidarity _ Throat #EmpathyInAction #CompassionateBarbers # Courage #ChemoJourney # Strength and support # Beautiful works # The power of unity # Emotional fights # Tears inspiration # Good morning #HairLossAwareness #ShavedHeadsUnite # Stand together #Together is stronger # Skip barriers # The good #NotAloneInThis # Sweet _ heart # A transformative experience ♬ original sound – FLIP GOAT

In a video originally captured from Instagram, a cloudy-eyed mother shaves her son Guilherme Magalhães Cardoso’s head at the Barbearia Entre Amigos salon in Presidente Epitácio in Brazil, with the latter allegedly turning the razor towards him to cut his head in turn, the Brazilian. reported by g1 news outlet.

But neither he nor his mother, Claudia Magalhaes, knew that the young man’s colleagues planned to join the movement in support of the crying woman.

Image from Instagram | Guido

“Before he arrived at the salon, we already said we were going to shave. He didn’t know that. When he started to shave, our friend Brito shaved too and I surprised him. I told him I wanted to shave too and he started crying. His mother couldn’t stand it,” his colleague Carlos Ferreira Neto told Brazilian media. also”.

Image from Instagram | Guido

A gesture that deeply touched the young hairdresser, who also lost his father to cancer in 2013.

Image from Instagram | Guido

“I thought it was just her and him, but no, here we are. You just need to take care of Guilherme too, we will always be available here, ”added Fernando da Silva Brito.