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on video |  A cop fights a 9-foot predator

on video | A cop fights a 9-foot predator

A Tampa, Florida, police officer had his hands full on Wednesday when he stepped in to remove an aggressive predator from the streets of a residential area.

A real-life wrestling match for an agent who attempts to subdue an approximately 10-foot crocodile that roams Howard Avenue in the middle of the night.

The policeman tried to wrap a rope around the animal’s muzzle, but it threw himself on it.

At one point two officers sat on the alligator, trying to contain it. After winning the battle, help the police hunter to transport him in a pickup truck.

Captain Phil Walters, a contract crocodile hunter, believes the beast came from the Hillsborough River, because a stream leads from that stream to Howard Street.

The mating of these majestic predators of swamp waters can also influence the risky movement.

According to Walters, whose comments were picked up by Fox13, mating season is fast approaching and he expects them to be very active over the next couple of months.

Last week, he himself transported at least 10 alligators in the trunk of his truck.

No details were released on the outcome of this case, but peace has returned to the neighborhood.

Alligators are considered a nuisance if they are at least four feet long. The one captured on Howard Avenue, the hunter could either kill or sell to a farm, fair, or zoo.