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On the PS5, it's pretty cool

On the PS5, it’s pretty cool

Capcom allowed PS4 or PS5 owners to try Resident Evil Village for 30 minutes. On the most powerful console, the horror game looks really good.

Sunday April 18 at 7 pm French time. Play demo Resident Evil Village Featured by Capcom for PlayStation 4 orPlaystation 5. It was on the verge ofEarly access Two special conditions: the game session cannot exceed 30 minutes and the preview can be accessed for only eight hours. Suffice it to say we had to hurry up Resident Evil VillageThe eighth base score that fans have especially been waiting for, after excellent Resident Evil 7: Biological Hazard.

Thirty minutes too little to form a concrete opinion about a video game. However, that’s half an hour in Resident Evil Village It allowed us to discover a very important element: the graphics, on PlayStation 5, are fiery. That’s good news when you consider that a Sony console, like Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, needs visual interfaces to embody its superpower. Where Demon soulsAvailable last November, we expected this super cool game. At first glance , Resident Evil Village Cut off seems to be.

From the very first seconds, we can grasp just how well Capcom has mastered its in-house graphics engine – RE Engine (introduced by Resident Evil 7: Biological Hazard). It has already made a strong impression on recent productions, such as Devil May Cry 5 or A remake of Resident Evil 3. The power of PlayStation 5 naturally takes it a step further. The village cemetery in which the hero indulges in is teeming with detail, with highly delicate textures and, above all, dazzling effects of light and shadow. It’s simple, and while Resident Evil tends to impose a sense of urgency, this eighth installment makes you want to sit down to sift through the smallest stone wall or to enjoy ultra-realistic reflections (with a less polished display than before).

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Note that the PS5 version of the Resident Evil Village It will present two display modes:

  • Avec Beam Tracking: 4K HDR and 45fps;
  • Sans Beam Tracking: 4K HDR, 60fps.

One-time on console, activating ray tracing – which optimizes lights and reflections – doesn’t mean a big sacrifice in terms of fluidity. We played the demo with this technology and didn’t notice any slowdowns (even when the procedure was done a little bit).

Beauty Resident Evil Village It doesn’t just work on flatter the retina. It allows to emphasize the atmosphere that Capcom desires the most damage possible. After getting lost in the action genre very little from Hollywood, Resident Evil has made a homecoming with episode seven. Her suite, which once again takes in the view from a first-person perspective for more immersion, is part of the trend. The idea is not to impress a player with a great scene, but rather to persecute him with a constant feeling of discomfort.

Having already lived Hell in the previous adventure, Ethan Winters goes to search for his daughter Rose. In a strange village where nothing seems to be going well, he will meet an old woman and then the rest of the residents. Horrific rituals, noisy castle overlooking the site, werewolf-like creatures … the puzzle is complete and we wouldn’t recommend the most frightened to play there in the dark, Halloween night. Anyway, those short 30 minutes make you want to learn more, knowing that Capcom has apparently worked a lot on the narration to engage as much as possible (there were a lot of scenes in the demo).

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Resident Evil Village will be available on May 7.

An unwelcome village

Resident Evil Village // Source: Capture PS5

Admire the realism of lighting

Resident Evil Village // Source: Capture PS5

Another good source of light

Resident Evil Village // Source: Capture PS5

The details you want, here are some

Resident Evil Village // Source: Capture PS5

Beautiful material on the wall

Resident Evil Village // Source: Capture PS5

Lush plants where creatures hide – perhaps

Resident Evil Village // Source: Capture PS5

Girl’s face …

Resident Evil Village // Source: Capture PS5

Beautiful reflection on the ground from flames

Resident Evil Village // Source: Capture PS5

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