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Omicron: Federal government accused of jamming

Omicron: Federal government accused of jamming

The opposition accuses Trudeau’s government of scrambling at airports since the announcement a week ago of new measures supposed to contain the spread of Omicron.

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“Last week, I was quick to congratulate the government for its speed, but they were quick to thwart it,” said bloc member Luc Terreault.

The federal government has not yet clarified how it plans to test all travelers arriving by air into Canada, except those from the United States.

Airports, which must provide space for federal public health to set up screening clinics, are still awaiting guidance.

Measures that were due to take effect “immediately” when they were announced last Tuesday are still not in place, with the exception of hotel quarantines for travelers from 14 African countries. Quarantine is going really badly, according to the testimonies I’ve collected Globe and Mail Among travelers who are not satisfied with the services received in hotels requested by Ottawa.

Today, the website has finally been updated to indicate that new restrictions on public screening are “coming soon”. We are still waiting for communication from the scheduled date.

“I understand the people are mixed, the government is all mixed up,” New Democrat Alexandre Poliris criticized. You won’t find a cat whose kittens are there.”

“It reminds me of the same mistakes we made at the beginning of the epidemic […] After two years, they haven’t learned anything.”

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Meanwhile, Omicron continues to grow around the world and with us. It was discovered today in a third Canadian province, this time in Manitoba, in a person who had recently returned from a trip to one of the 14 countries with which Ottawa had severed air links.

But it is “almost certain” that this variant does not cause more severe cases of COVID-19 than Delta, said Dr.s Anthony Fauci, White House Health Crisis Adviser.

“There are some indications that it may be less serious,” he told AFP.

In this context, the President of the Airports Council of Canada (CAC), Daniel Robert Gotch, hopes that reason will quickly prevail over panic.

All passengers and staff have been vaccinated. Everyone wears a mask. In addition, we require a PCR test before departure. What more do we want? He told The New York Times that it is never possible to completely eliminate the risks magazine.