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OMHQ-Supported Tenants: Other Landlords Complain of Significant Damage

OMHQ-Supported Tenants: Other Landlords Complain of Significant Damage

Another homeowner claims to have repeatedly noticed severe damage caused by some of his tenants to his OMHQ subsidized apartments.

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Newspaper On Monday, it reported the testimony of a Quebec homeowner seeking compensation after noticing damage estimated at several tens of thousands of dollars to one of his homes.

Mario Montemini - Owner

Stevens LeBlanc’s photo

Mario Montemini – Owner

“OMHQ now wants to meet me. I hope to find a solution,” Mario Monmini added on Monday.

Respecting the property of others

However, other owners quickly advanced.

“This is not an isolated case. We have also been living with him for eight years. I have a unit that has just been fixed and another case where we wait for the person to leave before starting work. It would be very expensive,” explains Danielle Bouchard of Immeubles HSF, a community organization in Quebec.

The non-profit housing organization owns 108 apartments, half of which are subsidized by OMHQ. The goal is to provide affordable housing to families in need. The damage often has nothing to do with normal rental wear and tear. Most of the time, the problem is not with payment, but with respect for other people’s property. Ultimately, the bill is still too high.

“Disrupted, messy or unsanitary homes, damp, mold and cockroaches, we had 11 specific cases that cost us a fortune. We were never compensated by OMHQ,” laments the master.I Popcorn.

Hard to get paid

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Before the Administrative Housing Court, Immeubles HSF actually won their case, but a collection agency was needed to get the refunds.

“Often at the end of the year we find ourselves in a negative state. I am glad to see that we are not the only ones. We will try to get together and see how we can act,” ends M.I Popcorn.

In Charlesburg, Mario Monmini estimates the amount of damage to his 48th home at more than $70,000.NS Western Street. In particular, the Multiracial Center admitted that the family in question may have been neglected.

For its part, OMHQ says it is open to discussion.

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