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Olivier Gala: Targeted, Guy Nantel replies to Catherine Levac

Guy Nantel admits it right away: he’s not a fan of the Gala. Moreover, there was no Sunday for Oliver’s party. The first has been made public since the beginning of the pandemic. Despite his absence, the comedian found himself on stage, in one of Catherine Levak’s monologues. In her QUB radio microphone, Sophie Durocher insisted that Mr. Nantel comment on the situation.

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“I don’t find her at her best in this kind of business,” said Guy Nantle. It’s not about making people laugh, it’s about telling the right story.”

And that’s the problem. According to him, Catherine Levack had all the elements on hand to make the audience laugh. Except that by trying to be as thorough as possible, she ended up missing the point.

“If you want to talk about inclusion, start with the facts,” said Mr. Nantell. Go outside, but surprise me.”

be careful! Guy Nantel insists: He loves Catherine Levac’s performance. This time is just the exception.

Jean Lapointe: “It’s unfortunate”

Like Sophie Durocher, Guy Nantel laments the space given to the humorous monument that passed away this year.

“It’s a pity,” he said. There is a kind of disdain for the elderly. People like Jean Lapointe have paved the way for people like them and me.”

Sophie Durocher goes above and beyond. For her, the tribute was a failure, a missed opportunity she described as “shabby”.