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Olivier Dion shares first photo with his new girlfriend

Olivier Dion shares first photo with his new girlfriend

Cupid hit! Olivier Dion has formalized his relationship by sharing a first photo with his new sweetheart.

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The rumors swirled for a few weeks, when many netizens noticed that Olivier Dion was spending a lot of time with creator Emy-Jade Greaves.

Now the couple has formalized their relationship on social networks, which confirms what many expected.

On the occasion of the Halloween party, the two lovers stood together for the first time.

The young woman shared two photos of them, in outfit, on her Instagram stories.

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The singer, who was discovered by the general public in 2012 in the Star Académie, shared one of the two photos written by his beloved simply “I love him.”

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Now that they’ve confirmed their relationship, Olivier and Emy-Jade are no longer hiding on social media, as evidenced by the Tiktok the content creator shared on Sunday.

We wish them all happiness!

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