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Olemel will close one of its abattoirs: the Vallée-Jonction plant concern

Olymp will announce Friday morning during a news conference that it will close one of its pig slaughterhouses, and that the Valley-Junction plant, in Bose, where more than 800 people work, could be touched down.

The anxiety that prevails there is due in particular to the fact that it is the oldest of the four Olemel factories in Quebec, and the one that requires the most investment in order to stay in operation.

About $50 million will be required to upgrade the Vallée-Jonction facilities.

It is also the place where the lowest investment in recent years.

More than 7,000 pigs are slaughtered there every day.

It is the largest employer in the municipality.

“For the Vallée-Jonction, Olmel is really the heart of the municipality,” explains Mayor Patricia Drouin. Even for the whole district, we say that for one Olimil job, three jobs in the district come as a result.”

Éleveurs de porcs du Québec is awaiting confirmation of the plant that will be closing before commenting, but a spokesperson for Tristan Deslauriers still notes via email that “no breeders and breeders will be left behind.”

“The organization’s priority is to ensure there is a minimum impact on their daily lives and we will support the people most affected,” he adds. We will work with various partners to achieve this.”

The company’s other three abattoirs are located in Yamachi, Morrissey, Saint-Esprit, Lanaudière, and Llangy Jardin, Monterje.

At the moment, the Labor Department has not received any notices of layoffs, but hundreds of people will lose their jobs after a slaughterhouse closes.

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Yannick Jervis, President of Olimel, has already announced that a Quebec plant will be closed.

The company lost $338 million in 2022 in the fresh pork segment and has already announced that it wants to cut pork slaughter volume by 20% this year.

Olymel is Quebec’s largest pork processor

We will know which plant will be affected by this closure during a press conference at 10:30 am on April 14th.