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Oil and gas exploitation: Quester tries to defy Quebec ban

Oil and gas exploitation: Quester tries to defy Quebec ban

Alberta-based Quester has signed an agreement with the indigenous community to develop a zero-emissions energy center in the Becancourt region, a move that runs counter to a ban on future oil and gas development in Quebec.

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With this, a preliminary agreement was concluded with the Council of Abenakis in Wolinc for the establishment of this energy center in Quebec, Koester noted in a press release published Thursday.

“We are pleased that Quester has spent the past few years getting to know us, our history and our lands in Quebec. It is the first company to fully recognize our traditional areas of use and is committed to moving forward in full consultation and cooperation with our people.”

A portion of the company’s profits will flow to the Indigenous community as a result of development on their traditional lands and they may gain a business interest in Questerre’s exploration permits.

Alberta wants to develop several pilot projects that produce clean energy, including zero-emission gas, and to evaluate a new technology for carbon recycling. To do this, Koester suggests producing natural gas from hydroelectric power.

“Our Net Zero Technology Center project, which includes new emerging carbon technologies, is the answer to achieving Quebec’s ambitious climate goals,” said Michael Binion, President and CEO of Questerre.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Mr. Binion also explained that this initiative “poses an interesting confrontation with the government [québécois]».

The agreement contrasts with Quebec’s position on the subject, with Prime Minister François Legault already indicating that no new oil or gas exploitation will be developed in the province.

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The company still plans to build two pipelines in the Bikankur area, one for natural gas and one for carbon dioxide. The president and CEO of the media said that the request to test the carbon sequestration tank has already been submitted to the government authorities.