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OGAE United Kingdom and Ukraine: Sweden and Finland 12 points!

The OGAE’s twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth branches express their votes, with the United Kingdom giving its 12 points to Sweden. Finland and Austria completed the podium. Meanwhile, Ukraine surrendered its 12 points to Finland. Sweden is second and Norway is third.

British Top:

Sweden 12 points
Finland 10 points
Austria 08 points
France 07 points
Norway 06 points
Italy 05 points
Republic of Che 04 points
Israel 03 points
Australia 02 points
Belgium 01 point

Ukrainian top:

Finland 12 points
Sweden 10 points
Norway 08 points
Austria 07 points
Spain 06 points
Lithuania 05 points
Moldova 04 points
United Kingdom 03 points
Israel 02 points
Georgia 01 point

General Classification:

265 points Sweden
259 points Finland
190 points France
152 points Norway
137 points Austria
128 points Italy
105 points United Kingdom
57 points Republic of Che
57 points Israel
46 points Spain
21 points Belgium
19 stitches Moldova
16 points Slovenia
10 points Serbia
08 points Portugal
06 points Cyprus
06 points Swiss
05 points Netherlands
05 points Lithuania
03 points Armenia
03 points Georgia
02 points Australia
02 points Germany
02 points Malta
01 points Croatia
01 points Estonia
01 points Greece
01 point Poland

Conclusion: The standings remain unchanged and Finland is still six points behind Sweden. France, for the first time, did not receive any points from Ukraine, but it did not change anything in the rankings. Austria finished fifth behind Italy. Belgium won by a narrow point. Australia and Lithuania are two new countries with points, bringing the number of countries with points to 28.

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Kudos to Keerija!

Kudos to Lorraine!

Photo credit: OGAE / Videos: Eurovision Song Contest