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Official opening of Espace Pierre-Derennes at the Tour-du-Parc - Le Tour-du-Parc

Official opening of Espace Pierre-Derennes at the Tour-du-Parc – Le Tour-du-Parc

On January 28, 2022, the first opening of the doors of the new Municipal Space Pierre Derain was directed to the associations. Over the past eight months, performances, exhibitions and meetings of vital associations have been sent into the space, which is very popular. This building honors three eminent personalities, Pierre Derain, mayor of the city from 1953 to 1959, Henri Mallauquier, mayor from 1945 to 1952, and Raymond Marcellin, general counsel of the canton of Sarzu for 45 years.

On Friday 2 September, an official inauguration took place/inclusion of elected officials from the municipality who have been involved in the project for 8 years, craftsmen and designers as well as elected officials from the constituency and the municipal community.

Shared car park with the Ostripolis Translation Center

He congratulated David Robo and David Lappartient for the municipality’s “perseverance” in implementing this project. The integration of the parking space with the Ostréapolis Interpretation Centre, currently under construction, is highlighted and commended. The total cost of the operation is €2,026,297 excluding taxes. The amount of the subsidies represents 608,600 euros, and a loan and savings from the municipal administration cover the rest of the expenses. The upcoming opening will once again bring together all of these elected officials upon handing over the Ostreapolis Centre, a translation site dedicated to oysters and seafood.

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