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Office Parties: Doubts Surrounding Gatherings

Office Parties: Doubts Surrounding Gatherings

This time of year is usually the start of party time in the office. Sanitary measures give some freedom this year, but in hotels, we are far from the norm. Many companies have made reservations, but cancellations are increasing.

Only 25 people are allowed per room. “There are those who book in the hope that the rule will change, and that it will increase,” Chicoutimi hotel owner Eric Laroche confirmed Wednesday to TVA Nouvelles.

“The big parties have already been cancelled, because we know we won’t be able to hold huge parties,” explained Anne-Marie Baudault, general manager of L’hôtellerie du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

This is reflected in the reservations. According to this association, there is no comparison that can be made with other years.

And even if such ceremonies are allowed, it takes a lot of management. “There is no music, no buffet, table service, it’s more complicated,” said Joseph New Leisure Center general manager, Regis Lamontani.

Some hotels have adapted and offer a different formula. “There is a nuance in terms of events: If there is an offer, we can be more. Therefore, there are employers who keep this formula to have all their employees,” confirmed the owner of Chicoutimi Hotel.

At the Joseph New Leisure Center we were also able to do a good job. “The government announced that 1He is November the bars were off the limit. I, here, have the bar’s license, so I will have the right to 230 people at a distance,” said Mr. Lamontane.

Despite this solution, the general manager noticed a sharp drop in bookings. “We still have 40% less bookings compared to the years before COVID,” he said.

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In fact, many companies have chosen to celebrate differently this year. They will organize the evenings directly in the restaurant. At Bistro Café Summum and Maria Maria, reservations increased by 25%.

“This year, in particular, is crazy, it’s a beast. We’ve had calls since August to plan Christmas parties. We’re full at Summum Café, until 2022,” confirmed Melissa Jean Gauthier, the restaurant’s general manager of communications.