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Office and space in the General Secretariat of Mayor Jean-Luc Lelivre

Office and space in the General Secretariat of Mayor Jean-Luc Lelivre

The mayor, Jean-Luc Lelliver, owns a personal office on the old farm-turned-town-hall, in the heart of the village of Beauforon. The chosen one only goes there to look for files in safes or to meet people in private. He prefers to work in front of his secretary.

“It’s simpler, I just have to flip the initials,” he said, putting his money in place. He appreciates this live mode of operation. It feels good in the large secretarial room “where I find myself in the mess on the desk as much as I find myself on the walls,” he says.

He didn’t leave personal belongings because “here’s a home for everyone, everyone can come and get information, and we’re there for that.” The elected official uses the plural about municipal projects, he is convinced that “the mayor is nothing without the municipal team, it is very important.”

Fun and rewarding work

He appreciated the welcome he received when he moved to Beaufron, so he decided to turn his time back through his commitment as an advisor. In 2014, he was a deputy until the mayor’s resignation a year and a half after his election. He then took the position and led the list in 2020.

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“The first time it wasn’t easy, I wasn’t ready for it. There is support from the mayors’ union and advice from other mayors, we must not remain isolated.” Jean-Luc Lelliver wants to see the municipality develop. Despite everything, think about it before His departure: “It’s great when you’re still working and I think all mayors ask the same question. “

The elected representative knows that he takes his free time “but the work is interesting and useful when you see the municipality developing, without forgetting to manage it in the best possible way, like a good father.”

Replacing the 76 light points with LEDs has reduced your energy bill. There are other projects under the current state program: “We just made the road to Charmots back.”

At the bottom of the village, at the playground level, “we will build an educational grove with trees and hedges from the area”, the cemetery will be rehabilitated and “the painting of the Rue du Chateau” will be reconsidered.

Take care of the living environment

The municipality team’s desire is to ‘preserve a beautiful little village’. As such, Jean-Luc Lelièvre is committed to improving the living environment and the importance of living together.

Symbiosis also works with animals. An agreement was reached with the Cat Association of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the city of Toul. Stray cats were captured, vaccinated, castrated, and tattooed. They returned to the city.

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A village separated from Lucy by District 904, however, the links are close because the Beauforon children are educated there.

“However, we are the opposite,” explains the mayor. “Lucy is a grape-growing village on the coasts of Toole when we are on the plain with the farms.”