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OD’s Karen St. Michel introduces us to her new famous boyfriend!

OD’s Karen St. Michel introduces us to her new famous boyfriend!

This is the content creator Jordan Bullet ViauWhich has over 234,000 followers on Instagram and 5.7 million people on TikTok thanks to its motivational and self empowering content!

After 3 weeks of this trip, I am immersed in a new relationship at a time when I feel I don’t deserve to be loved.
Because in the past, I had to fight to be liked. I always had the impression that love comes with effort, and that I had to struggle to get them to care about me, respect me, listen to me, and try to understand me. I have lowered my standards so much towards people before that I feel guilty for being treated so well today. But I don’t have to fight for Jordan to love me. For him, it’s easy, it doesn’t even take effort, it’s just the basics.
I wish I could meet someone like him.
Why does it happen the moment I feel like I’m suffocating because I’m in so much pain from my previous relationship’s burns? I feel like a fraud, feeling unworthy of experiencing my pain. Part of me wanted to let him go so he wouldn’t have to live with my trauma, but another part never wanted him out of my life. It is all I ever asked for. Being in a healthy relationship is so weird.
“, reveal Karen On Instagram.

Jordan He also confirmed his new relationship via social media and seems in love like anything:A new chapter begins, but this time with someone special 🙌🏼“, trust.