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OD West’s Vanessa Was Surprised To See Shows: Here’s Why

Vanessa is excluded from the adventureOD in the West This Monday evening. We were able to speak with the bubbly young woman the next day to have her removed.

The 31-year-old communications coordinator told us she didn’t immediately understand the content of the contortion she experienced when she left the house.

« When we got an announcement that we were going to meet the other guys, she misunderstood me and thought the two girls would stay and that one would go to House 1 and the other to House 2. I kind of hoped that would continue. Seeing him in the camper with Cath I’m so confused. Talking to the guys from House 2, for the past 5 minutes, I’ve realized that there was one person left in the adventure and another was leaving. I was happy and there I got nervous again as if it didn’t make sense. »

She adds: We don’t see it in the mod, but between the moment we say “goodbye” to the boys and the moment we tell who’s saved, there’s about 3-4 hours where we’re in the tank waiting, so let me tell you that anticipation was totally drained! »

Vanessa also says that while watching the shows, she found it particularly annoying that the girls were talking behind her back so much. ” I found it difficult to see the girls biting a little more than I expected. […] I honestly thought I had a great relationship with girls. Rashida told me I was her best friend and there I saw the show and she bit me. Jenny tells me I’m like her older sister and in the end, she annoys me too. »

Note Antoine’s reaction to date It was also hard for Vanessa. ” Antoine was hard on me. I just wanted to have a good day, to do a good activity. I wanted to feel like a date. It took me a lot of energy that day, and that same evening, he didn’t have the decency to tell me clearly: “I’d rather spend the evening with Caro, I find that we are not really compatible.” He just avoided me, which I found really strange behavior. »

She also mentioned that editing the show does not do justice to the adventure she went through for this reason: ” We still saw a lot at the moment when I was saddened by the risk of disqualification, but I find that the ratio wasn’t quite right. I was happier and more cheerful than we could have seen on the show. »

Let’s make it clear Vanessa explained that the tattoo on her face that sparked the curiosity of many people during her visit to the group week 4 july. Read it all here.

We also had the opportunity to speak with Yannick, who left the adventure at the same time as Yannick. See what he had to tell us about his experience here.