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OD: It's over for Marilou and Robin

OD: It’s over for Marilou and Robin

Marilou Belanger, model and candidate who arrived late in the adventure OD in the West, Breaking news: fans of the show fear her relationship with Robin Messier.

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in suite stories As her channel subscribers asked her, she had to answer those who wondered where the Robin Marillo couple, who reached the finalDouble occupancy in the West.

The model has officially announced that the two have not been a couple for quite some time.

Instagram by Marilou B.

Marilou said she thought about it for a long time before talking about it publicly because, she says, it’s important to explain it on the networks.

However, the two remain on good terms to complete their story. Marilou points out that upon exiting the show, the two took time to get to know each other better in their private lives and that they had a lot of fun together and that they intended to continue to enjoy it, but now they like friends. On several occasions, Marilou has mentioned that Robin is an exceptional person.

After her stay in Florida, where Marilou went to rest, she realized this. She simply isn’t ready to be in a relationship and has a bunch of projects and job offers that will lead her to live away from Montreal through 2022.

Instagram by Marilou B.

Marilou wanted to thank everyone who supported them on their stormy adventure From. We wish them success in the future.

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